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Dear Parent:

Caring for Infants With Respect

by Magda Gerber

The Pikler Bulletin,

by Dr. Emmi Pikler

A Guide to Child Health

3rd Edition

by Michaela Glockler &

Wolfgang Goebel

You Are Your Child’s

First Teacher

by Rahima Baldwin Dancy

Your Self-confidant Baby

(Spanish edition)

by Magda Gerber, Allison Johnson

Storytelling With Children

by Nancy Mellon

Origins of Free Play

by Eva Kallo & Gyorgyi Balog

Trees Make the Best Mobiles

by Jessica Teich &

Brandel France De Bravo

Feeding the Whole Family...

Cooking with Whole Foods

by Cynthia Lair & Peggy O’Mara

-- best corn muffins

for clothing:

-- wool PJs

-- best wool footie

-- my favorite sleep sack

for toys & things: